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Search data is a wonderful thing. For everyone. Not just for SEOs.
People ask Google things they wouldn't admit to their friends or a customer focus group. They're doing it now. 
And you should be using this candid customer insight for brand and product development, content planning, marketing and PR. 
Whether you know exactly what you're doing or have absolutely no idea where to start, check out our courses and resources, below, and discover what your customers really think and do.

Video Course: How To Master AnswerThePublic

Learn how to use AnswerThePublic to its full potential with our latest course. 

Video Course: Search Listening and the Customer Journey

Usually priced at £15,000 when taught face-to-face, Sophie shows you how to use search listening across the customer journey in just 90mins.

eBook: Search Listening for Consumer Insight in The Age of Google

Master with in-depth, practical guidance from the team behind the tool. Content ideas are just the beginning...

Worksheet: Search Listening and the Customer Journey

This super practical worksheet will give you a basic grounding in Search Listening & help you to start applying it to your own work.
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Free Download: How To Use Infographic (hi-res)

This visual guide shows you how to get the most out of, including how to pick the best seed terms for killer insight.

Free Download: Search Listening vs Social Listening

Not sure whether to believe your search data or your social trends? Suffering from data overload? Then grab a coffee and download our guide.

Free Slides: Search Listening (and The Spice Girls) - SearchLeeds 2019

Sophie, one of Search Listening™'s founders, took to the stage at SearchLeeds on 20th June, 2019. You can download her slides here. 

Free download: How sophisticated is your use of Search Listening?

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